Remember the note about the films „2012” and „Saw VI”?
The idea was that the film „This Is It” appeared Movie precisely those films and that Michael had something to do with them, for example, appeared in a pig mask from the „Circular VI of horror night and talked about the end of the world in „This Is It”, the protagonist of „2012” to Jackson, etc.

I was now a „2012”. The film was amazing and everyone, without exception, should see it. But I do not about this …

At the beginning of the course are advertising. And one made the already died. It was a trailer of the film „The Wolfman” ( „Werewolf”). You know why? I once read an interview with Michael. He talked a lot about films, about the fact that wants to make a film about wilkołaku that this will be one of his first projects and is very excited.

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