He did not kill MJ. He is not Michael doctor!

Conrad’s new lawyer, Murray says that he is the best of the best when it comes to cases involving propofol and death – and the guy has to prove it.

TMZ spoke with Michael Flanagan, who told them: „I’m probably the only attorney in the city, successfully trying a case of propofol that was binding on the death of Jackson.”

In 2004, Flanagan defended the nurse, which was accused of bad administration of the medicine for a patient who later died.

From nurse collected a fee of manslaughter – for the same offense is poised to be charged a fee from Murray. But thanks to Flanagan nurse was acquitted.

As for the role of Murray on the death Michalel Jackson, Flanagan said: „I do not know all about any facts that would give the start of involuntary death”

He did not kill MJ. He is not Michael doctor!
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