Michael talked about his death in 2006 in January. about the fact that „die like Elvis.” That’s for sure. „Be watchful ….”

These last words impressed me. and 2006 + 4 = 2010. He will return as the festival is not in the new year if not in the new year is in June .. !

This foursome is it because Michael said that it has been four years to save the world, and said in a interview that „if I die for 4 years it will be one big joke.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dr.Condrad Murray played in the film „24 Hour Party People.”

Notice please, that there fell the words: „This is it (…) This is the moment…”

The film tells the story of Tony Wilson who died in 2007 of a heart attack.

„24 Hour Party People” was produced in 2002, ie 5 years before the death of Tony.

„This Is It” also could be said that it was made before the death of Michael … << Here you have to confirm that he played there Condrad Murray.
Do you think it might be something else Condrad Murray?

Condrad Murray played well in the video for Michael. Stranger In Moscow!!

This Is It:
At the end, after the final subtitles shown, there is one scene in which Michael says:

„Stop the music, I alone decide when I finish …
Maybe rozepnę button, pstryknę fingers
And boom – I alone will decide when I get back. ”
(sorry for my english)

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