I wanted to write a few things.
Read carefully.

Regarding UCLA

UCLA is a very prestigious hospital – the staff and the entire staff
are equal to the task – every patient there is a particularly welcomed.

Photo here with the adoption of Michael:

An ambulance arrived … Doctors should no longer be … And here none of the doctors silent! Only the guards and of course the irreplaceable Michael Dr. Murray (in the white shirt and light trousers)

where paramedics? – At the end of a dying patient. And for that the patient is Michael Jackson.

It’s strange, because the ambulance is always in contact with the hospital and arrange for your staff, who always waits before the hospital, he knows what is happening with the patient and how you act in this case does not have that!!!!

Yet it is strange that the patient whose cardiac arrest was found (in the case of Michael) and does not respond to resuscitation sent rescuers without medical doctor.

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