I always forget to tell you this

I always forget to tell you this …

The News magazine January 8, 2010 at TVP1 Elvis talking about. He had a 75th birthday.

At the end of one spoke and said: „If Elvis is alive created by certainly continue with Madonna and Michael Jackson.”

Hmm, since Michael’s not dead ‚is like to be able to compose with him?


Double Jakson tardiness. first at the ceremony in SCH (from 19:13 to 19:33 on the scene nothing was happening).

About 19.13, was completed and only read condolences 19.33 (hours / g pol. Time), the choir began to sing on stage! ?

The streets were closed by the police so there was no traffic, just drove through the streets and the hearse procession. No. So why late and it’s about an hour and a few minutes. ! ?

Strange break at the beginning of the Staples Center in Memorial Hall, 07.07.09.

Do you remember how it started?

Speeches, official condolences were read and then suddenly the vastness LONG BREAK (EXCEPT 20 – 30 minutes, EVEN).

Lights in the room is not lit (strange, because if it was a planned break Jaks, surely that light was lit, except that strange, is scheduled to break and so the debt

And now the same beginning, at this moment – it does not make sense at this point).

All sit in the dark as I said perhaps, even half an hour, waiting for the continuation …

And suddenly … ! as deux est machine emerges (Abra Kadabra bim sala bim) MJ’a coffin of darkness. Strange, is not it?

Why not immediately after kondolencjach was not bringing a coffin?

Or at the very beginning how everything started?

Only after such a long break?

Why this gap and why so long and why no lights were lit in the room – after the break as darkness?

Why were the lights turned off?

Only one is burning over the photo of Michael who Make a video! (in the video)


If already started a FILM!



Do not write to you who I am, I chose your forum by accident
write only so much that you had the honor of hosting a forum on your someone important to you.

Michael J. disclose to but it takes time MUCH TIME. All this is a temporary phenomenon and the imperfect manifestation of your consciousness.

He knows that the anxiety in the hearts of your guests. Time here is of the essence of this can be done, my beloved, this is possible. Yes, it seems so simple,
But in reality this is not easy to cope with everything.

Perhaps you wanted to know the answer you will get it soon!
Answer to your question why your forum so Akutare Poland.?

Someone very important to us love this country wanted to give him the look he wanted to live in it, so now what is happening and what will happen dziękim ago, Poland will be displayed on the Map.

Before doing so, it must be patiently wait. With the violence in your world are a reflection of your consciousness. To save the remaining 3 years of the World Let’s do something for the world and peace.

Do you know where is the aggression in the world, this world is an illusion. There are divisions of human race.
Now, everything on earth is upside down.
Manage those who are not from God, those who do not have God in your heart.

Dear 7 months and so little wiser to everything and yet so very much involved in it are not in this alone someone with all my heart is with you.

DooDoo it is only one person who loves you DooDoo not name, the name of the person it is different you znacie.Jest lot of people who claim to be Michael, they are not true, lie.

No date, time, which give the world is wrong, no one knows the date or the hour wielkigo return. Be vigilant! Only committed and faithful are able to withstand it.

Think about what really motivates you? The desire to show something else, to show your greatness, to show that everyone saw your care?

Each of you has a life as his teacher.

You can not say that everyone lies.

I wrote to you once the second time it is not me.

Question preserve in the big day.


selfless love



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