I found the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is known that children (Michael) go to karate … Everything happened at karatekids .

See the 6:35 minute someone comes out of the car in a black suit and then someone runs up with an umbrella (probably a security guard)!

6:48 later, who has a hat on his head and someone to hide huge black cloth?

Question Why hide it?

I noticed that in the 6:27 minute walk children into the car.
look at the white legs (pants outfit in karate).

The 6:35 minute someone comes out of the car with an umbrella in black clothes is reared and goes toward the karate club.

Already know that children sit in the car, but not all because the 6:42 minute goes one of the children.

Look at the car can be seen that someone rich, because only that Michael drove a car.

And I met the driver. I saw him once on the picture with Michael.


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