” i’ll be back, watch me „

Joey Skaggs will develop the last to leave the curtains to draw attention.
Joey Skaggs is Jonell Star Joe Skaggs.
He is Joseph Sullivan (LA Times)
He is Stuart MacLelland (Mktg. Leader)
He is Paul Corey (Co. Spokesperson).

Last to leave the curtain has been developed to draw the attention (not to make money):
1) how bad the media
2) the industry of death

It’s more or less a summary of the last to leave the curtains.

_____ ______ _____ __________ _____________________  _______________
Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American jester, who has organized numerous successful media jokes, mystification, and other presentations. It is considered one of the initiators of the interference phenomenon of culture. Skaggs uses: Kim Soo Young, Joe Bones, Joseph Bonuso Giuseppe Scaggioli, Gergor and the Rev. Joseph Anthony Joseph as aliases.
__ ___ ___ ____ ____  ____ _____ _____ ________ _______ _________ _________

******* *********      ******        *********** ****** *******       ******   ***

Statement of Russian female fans:

„Some few weeks ago I read a famous Russian newspaper The Star’s Secrets.” This is really famous and great, this is not tabloid trash, it was the first newspaper which announced that MJ is alive, so written, that some wealthy fans went to a very Michael Gurev famous prophet and showed his picture MJ (I should say that he is not lying, it is already known and others helped a lot and do not want this for 5 minutes of fame), and the fans were shocked by what he said when he touched the photo. He said:

„Jackson really is still alive, I do not see him among the dead.”

a reporter asked him:

– „And where is he?

– „Now he is abandoned by people trying to make the world a better place, it is almost holy”

– „Where he went?

– „Somewhere where it is close to nature, where it is warm, it can in Mexico or in Africa”

– „Does his family know he is alive?”

-„Yes, they discussed with them, his children cried a lot, cried Paris,but Michael told them that it is urgent,they intend to meet with him very soon”

„Is MJ come back?”

„Jackson will be swayed the world. The world very soon learns that he is not dead, not visually but with his business, his mission on earth is not yet achieved. He loves a lot of his fans, friends and very soon will make peace for them to know that he is doing well.”

* ** ** * ** **** ** * ** **  ****  **  * ** ***        ***** **       ****** ****  *****

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