Important – Explore Your Family in History

Do you have a link where you can see that Michael never exist as a person died from the fact that registration costs $ 9.95 here, but obviously the fans have already checked, did not spare the money. ;] And Michael IS NOT in the database!!!!!

I think that this mobile site is interesting because it shows how journalists are beginning to lose TMZ, and now they are beginning to doubt the death of Michael.
There is an interesting movie set associated with „THIS IS IT’.
That’s one message, and the second is the one that reached the Social Security Death Index! Social Security Death Index „Administration Death Master File contains information about millions of dead people in the United States social security numbers.

Year of birth for the persons mentioned in the range from 1875 to now, the data are updated every week. The information contained in these records includes name, date of birth, date of death, and the last place of residence.

Here you have a link where you can look at themselves in the database of Social Security Death Index and bears the endorsement of the death of our Michael.

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