Information about the death of MJ also disappeared. Rather, it is not exactly about removing information that MJ is alive. This somewhat separate issue. Another issue is that his death is combined with a certain sect, which Michael is going to show up clearly, this fierce people, who threaten the world. Therefore, MJ hoax death to get away from them, the rest of the many times he talked about fighting the system and that danger threatens him.”Causing death by”, then the return is a great way to show people how easily they can manipulate and how easy it is to force the public to believe blindly in what they see on the news, and this may be not at all true.If Michael will come back and point to the world the true picture of reality, will show how people are manipulated, exploited and how the planned war, conflict, disease, etc. He is a hero.That’s why I rather the idea is to clear the facts, in which MJ pozorując his death showed clearly the existence of this organization and close down there are places where people simply love this połapali. It’s not that difficult, all made up together.

Latoya said anyone who took pictures that Michael alive and hiding from people such as you. ” It’s about people who were doing pictures, etc.

Latoya enter the car with a guy and says, „I am not surprised that his brother was taken before a decision is people like you!”

Recorded after „death” by Michael Jackson

Do you also see in the TV exposes what Latoya? Joker! 1:27 (inscription on the plate) and a fragment of Peter Pan.

,, Death will be an extraordinary adventure”and then returns!

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