Interview with the dancer!!!!

Interesting interview, July 15, and that he also missed earlier … What I was curious example is when the dancer to the question: Is Michael was able to play 50 concerts, he answers: I am 100% sure she could do it. and at the very end, when she speaks of him in present tense, even those journalists are surprised, why talk about it all the time in the present tense, as if still alive, and he deftly wymiguje that MJ lives for him in his heart forever and why he says if he lived.

On the greater part of the interview talking about Michael as if he lived. Behaves very strangely. I do not see sadness in his face about it as he remembers. Absolutely nothing. Strange …

This was unexpected. For me it looked like (in all its form) as if he was ready to dig.

That is why I am I put this link to show you that he speaks about Michael in the present tense. It is not sadness, this is terribly surprising … What’s attempts to dancers, they actually practice, and here ATTENTION! They have signed a contract with AEG !!!!! Somewhere on youtube is a movie, like all dance together in a program to work with the This is IT …

This means that the contract was not broken.! And what does that mean?!

You Know.!

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