Is Michael Jackson still is awarded to L. King’s blog?

Is Michael Jackson still is awarded to L. King’s blog?

I wrote about this once. Or rather, a mysterious man who writes strange comments, which detected a hacker and found that it was a Michael from Los Angeles.

And so, on the one hand, you can believe it, because everything was very much in the style of Michael. On the other hand, writing your own computer and stay in Los Angeles would be risky. Well, unless that person does not write.

Thus, based on the theme that the MJZYJE founded olcia_30 you can write that:

~ This ANYONE writes articles, which later appear on the blog.

~ We should not listen to television or read newspapers or look for other indications. Instead, we make changes in our home and elsewhere. These changes are called „Green”, referring to the protection of our planet,

~ Probably see us in the spring.

~ To one of inposterów pointed out that the lines for him, and when that did not react wrote to him: „I do not know why you do it, but so may God bless you.”

~ When someone said to him, given that it will report this to CNN. After a moment of false Michaelów posts disappear.

I think that writing on such a popular blog would be too risky in the case of Michael, but it is said that he writes them himself. This could be something like Cassandra Gretchen-Sims – writes to us by someone else, that alone did not fall.

We do not know anything. And Michael has always been a head full of ideas.

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