J. Jones, in April she wrote about Michael. That Michael needs help, etc. In May, wrote that something happens soon, in which no one will believe that it would be a real THRILLER .. two hours before ‚death’ of Michael, she ‚wrote,, PEOPLE! MICHAL JACKSON NOT DIED !!!” and about 4-5 of posts. Until recently, she wrote, that Michael is alive, that he managed to escape, it is safe to say that whoever wants to let him believe that it was our business, and it disappeared. I am not surprised her, because I do the same thing she would do if people invaded at her and said that she was lying, and she wished well.

PS: Jones did not already have an account on Twitter.

Published in: on Styczeń 19, 2010 at 2:56 pm  Dodaj komentarz  

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