Jackson5-family dynasty

watched this program the Jack5ons-family dynasty and at one point I noticed something very shocking.

As we know all the material was recorded after death. So now look at this!:
Click 1:44 what do we see? Signature of the brothers are in LA, but what date? June 11, 2009! So when Michael was still alive. At first I thought that perhaps the earlier material, but later appeared the word „later …” and spoke about the death of MJ, and were dressed in the same way. Application? It was recorded the same day!

Question as to how to consciously have signed this event happened on that date? Maybe they want us to give another character … One thing is certain. Each of them goes perfectly.

Published in: on Styczeń 19, 2010 at 5:07 pm  Dodaj komentarz  

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