At this point, should I look at Jermaine.
Earlier write a device that held in his hand, but is not everything you see in your ears for most of the memorial, had a black handset.
They were not the headphones that facilitate listening while singing (those were white) looked more like headphones for MP4 or mobile phone.
In fact, what he need them?, Could it, communicate with someone or perhaps Michael?!

Apparently Michael was at his funeral. But  was  not completely. Maybe so in this regard that he had heard everything but not seen.

This is strange because nobody had headphones on ONLY.
In addition, someone wrote (can not remember who) that we listen to Jerm. ?!

The song „Smile” as previously wspominałyśmy loved Michael written by Charlie Chaplin made Jermaine Jackson.

During the whole song on telebeam shows a smiling picture of Michael with outstretched hands and beating him to the blue light.

The text of the song can be seen a small, cleverly hidden clue.
Well, the last word changed from verse 9 to the last word in verse 10
Let’s look at the original text:

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

And now the version which was used in the memorandum:

Light up your face with sadness

Hide every trace of gladness
Some say that this could have been a simple mistake, but remember, that like Jermaine and Michael is a perfectionist.
From an early age to occur, because the scene and his father did not allow for any mistakes.

Secondly, unless the transfer is evident:

Family can not show joy, must pretend to be sad at the loss of a loved one who really did not die. !

After a moment of silence on the part of telebeam aired the video for The Jackson 5 song titled: „Who’s Lovin You” written by Smookeya Robinson.
We are certain that this fragment is also not selected randomly.
Look at the text:
“When I had you
I treated you bad and wrong, my dear
And, girl, since, since you went away
Don’t you know I sit around
With my head hangin’ down
And I wonder who’s lovin’ you”

Clear message: when Michael lived being treated badly, wrongly, but, since „gone” all suddenly interested in him, and obnoszą with great love for him. Now, all that he appreciated.

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