La Toya in Poland

Just a moment ago I heard shouts Radio Zet.

They said it about the most important events of 2009, briefly summarizing …
They said there about the „death” by Michael Jackson ….
First briefly discussed, it was King, and generally praised the …

But one thing which attracted my attention …

Reporter said, „Who will replace the King …? Might not be such a need ….

Quote ends there might not be such a need? does this mean that Mike comes back soon and no one has to replace it?

Come to this sister of Michael, who has a strange whim.
Booked a whole floor of the hotel. Michael, as we know it always reserved the entire floor.

That’s not all want to have booked a hotel room very close to the scene at the time of their performance. Why?! If not there will be no one, after all, it will occur.

Or maybe someone in this room will be prepared in a spectacular performance?
Or at least will look what happens.

Returning to his sister. Why just come to the Polish? Why our country?
Yesterday someone add photo Pepsi. on it was written: the eve of something changes”

Yesterday exactly 15:26, landed today at the Warsaw International Airport La Toya Jackson, sister of the legendary king of pop, Michael.
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