Unquestionably one of the most important thing in all the mystification of the death of Michael Jackson, which we are all witnessing and perhaps even the participants is the video for the song „Liberian Girl”. We want to bring you the same song, and describe the innovative music video. Let’s start with dry facts, which relate to this beautiful ballad. Michael wrote it in 1987 and put on the album „Bad” while dedicating it to her best friend Elizabeth Taylor.

The text does not seem to be any connection with the alleged death. He says first of all with a great love for Liberian girls and how a word is a very special girl.

At the end perhaps we should analyze the depth of the text, of course, we can dwell on that in a miraculous way as described by Michael’s love for the title Liberian girl, but surely not the point. We have a completely different purpose, and let’s get to the heart of the matter, or video.

Well, it was filmed in 1989 and directed it to Jim Yukish. Wondered what to do and Jim has led Michael to create this kind of music video?! This species had broken all previous conventions (just like the three previous hits Michael: „Billie Jean” „Thriller” and
‚Bad’), Michael was undoubtedly the precursor of this way of transmission of music. Hmm hard question? Looking for the song in no way is it linked with a music video.

We looked a scenario to answer the question bothering us, but unfortunately nothing znalazłyśmy. We can therefore only rely on our good deduction and opinions of others who are trying to reach the truth.

We do not think, however, that Michael worked on this video already thinking about his own death sfingowania but it is likely that in later years, this video clip was for him a kind of inspiration in some important moments in life.

Does not look like a music video that plays a huge role here, and everyone who in June following this matter can not deny that. Theme „Liberian Girl” scrolls up everywhere from the memorial at the funeral of ending, but we will come back to this later in the post, now let’s look again at the same clip.

… Well, shares video takes place in the great hall of the recording, where Sam Michael has invited the most famous contemporary American entertainment industry.
Initially, we see black -white prologue in which the attention attracted by a priest, then there is a beautiful black woman, first denouncing lyrics.

„Naku Penda Piya – Naku taka piya, mpenziwe. Introduction indeed all the more strange that they still do not know what is actually its meaning.

Fragments are already looking at the stars, located in different parts of the study. Here is a person involved in the recording: Brigitte Nielsen (actress), Paula Abdul (singer, choreographer), Carl Weathers (actor), Whoopi Goldberg (actress), Quincy Jones (producer), Amy Irving (actress) Olivia Newton-John ( actress), John Travolta (actor), Corey Feldman (actor), Steven Spielberg (director), Debbie Gibson (singer), Rosanna Arquette (actress), Weird Al Yankovic (actor, parodist), Lou Ferrigno (bodybuilder, actor) Don King (manager, supervisor), David Copperfield (illusionist), Lou Diamond Phillips (actor), Billy Dee Williams (actor), Richard Dreyfuss (actor), Danny Glover (actor), Dan Aykroyd (actor), Steve Guttenberg (actor ). I must admit that the crack cast.

Then we see all artists and students text search of the main character, which is of course Michael Jackson. Result of their research, however, is marny have different assumptions, but unfortunately they are wrong. Does not it reminds you of something?. Us perfectly suited to the situation in which currently all are. We are looking for, we are waiting to receive various types of information, unfortunately, is often inaccurate?.

The video ends with a grand entrance by Michael, who get out of the top of the lift on a special, to which is attached a great camera, recording behavior, and responses gathered in the hall of fame. With a big smile inform all that the end of the gallery. Perhaps we are also monitored for Michael can follow what we do? … can, referring to previous posts movie revolves more and we (we mean the fans) are his heroes?.

Such assumptions is much, much more. We decided to unsubscribe all the important things that happened after 25.06.2009 and inextricably bound up with a music video for the song „Liberian Girl”.
During the entire memorandum of telebeam several times (especially at the end), there are pictures of the video, which present a smiling Michael sitting behind the camera.

(this picture we know perfectly well we saw it by the number of times 5 months)

As if nothing special, but photographs from the photo session for „Liberian Girl” appeared in September at the funeral at Forest Lawn, they are standing beside the coffin.

(red squares in the pictures from the session to Liberian Girl)

(a combination of lili and irises)

This is Michael holds a flower in your hand at one of the photos to promote the video. Why iris?, Iris has its meaning in the terminology and it reads as follows:

„Iris flower which is a symbol of immortality, as appreciated by those seeking a moment of calm and respite. Strengthens the creative imagination.” Describes the person of Michael.

It is also essential that this video has become a major theme of memory book, which is given to each participant’s funeral. It included, inter alia, a number of published and previously unpublished photos related to what the „Liberian Girl”.

Look at the color of tie, which wore on the day of memorial, brothers Michael, are yellow? is it normal that the funeral just chose that color neckties?. By comparison, during the September funeral had ties in red, is also strange. Yellow and red are two colors is very important in the video. Always been its hallmark.

(memorial SC)

(memorial FL)

We wonder also the color rose, which was pinned to the jacket by Kenny Ortega, all of them had red roses, Mr. director for the yellow variety? ahmmm, could it subtle hint, and the desire to inform, who is director of the memorial here! „.

Both the memorial and the funeral (the funeral is much more visible), Michael managed to gather in one place a lot of famous people. These people look like in the video, could she play a consciously or unconsciously, the roles of their lives ?!!!!.

Liberian girl continues!!

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