message from one of the female fans

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Now that I got a message yesterday from one of the female fans:

„I think we found something very strange !!!!! Please listen link! Only listen, DO NOT LOOK! Listen carefully. Did you also hear the shouts from inside ?????

„Man is here” ..
„We’re all here for him to continue with it .. and leading the way” …
„I love you, I really do … my family just knows”
hold aplaus ,”…
” It’s All For Love „

and please also pay attention to the musical sequences and texts in this film!

1. Smooth Criminal:

„Annie Are You OK Are you OK, Annie??
(Can you tell us that you’re OK)
(It’s a sign in the window)
(That he struck you – A Crescendo Annie)
(He came into your apartment)
(Left bloodstains on the carpet)

Just change Anni to Michael …..

2. Billy Jean
3. Jam
4.  „Who’s bad ………….????”
5. „Don’t stop till you get enough”!

Smooth Criminal:

You’ve Been Hit By
You’ve Been Struck By
Smooth Criminal

Next: how different people talk a great MJ is (was)

Listen to MJ: AWARENESS, Awakening and HOPE !!!!!!

Finally:Man In The Mirror:

„I’m starting with the MANn in the mirrior.
I’m asking
HIM TO CHANGE HIS WAYS and NO MESSAGE could have been any CLEARER, if you want to make the world a better
place take a look at yourself and make a change.”

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