MouthOfTrue: Greetings for POLAND.

MouthOfTrue: Greetings for POLAND.
Poland is important.

A few days ago watched „Headlines” on CNN. Once again the question was about a boy who flew in like a balloon, and it really was in the garage. History well known to you. What is common with Michael is no longer remind you write about it on the CNN news otargowany was, with ‚Michael Jackson’. The case at first glance, it is the joint next to nothing, but then the generous Cor GodKnowTrue post reminded me of ‚I’m flyin’ but I’m still at home .. . What happened? 🙂 „. Post was written by a long incident with the balloon, so the matter at this point to combine.

In the „headlines” recently said that revealing the boy’s parents. It is not so much as revealing, but agreed to show the media after this time and say a few words about this ill-fated, but on the other hand lotu.Poza also happy that they are not put no objections, such as niedopilnowanie child.

As regards such disclosure as a first inclination, of course, is Michael Jackson. Conversely, if the question of the allegations, but rather the absence of a Conrad Murray.

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