Number 7

Number 7.

Possible interpretations of the famous „Autograph 1998”

Michael, according to all who knew him, was a real joker.

Autograph his famous „1998” with 1 bolt and 3 points may therefore be interpreted as follows:

3 points are the final result can be obtained: 3 things, we discover that it is 3 digits (bit ‚while playing a mime, which first determines the number of words to guess).

From first to fourth digit, as we understand the sum from 1 to 8 1 + 8 = 9. And get this: 1 + 8 = 9.

On 9 obtained 9 in the third number 1998. Quindi: 999 Therefore: 999

Inversion, we have a satanic number 666

What Michael wanted to say?

From Wikipedia: The Jehovah’s Witnesses (and it was Michael. Podonbo Because it is no longer. It is Catholic) believe no. 7 symbol of completeness and perfection, while the number 6 represents imperfection.

Bible study to draw a reference to write three times the number 6, which highlights and emphasizes the political system, including failures, represented by the animal.


Number 7 is related with the situation for what is happening NOW!!!

– Michael Jackson signed a testament of 7.7.2002.

– The first ‚funeral’ took place on 7/7/2009 … exactly 7 years after the signing of a will.

– 2 biggest hits of Michael Jackson – „Black & White” and „Billie Jean” – was number 1 for 7 weeks.

– 3 greatest albums of Michael Jackson – „Thriller,” „Bad” and „Dangerous” – were the top 7 hits with 40

– Michael Jackson was 7 of 9 children.

– Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77

– Michael Jackson „died” 25 … 2 + 5 = 7

– Michael Jackson is 7 letters in the name and last name …

Also I think that from June to December (I’ll be back on holidays and will be a real Thriller ….) It 7 Months !!!!!!!!!

– Remember Dancing with the stars? Stars danced in the 7th episode for the songs Michael!

– They were still at 7 in the „death” but Michael niepamiętam that hour it was time American.

-25/06/2009 + 777 days = 11/08/2011

-date is 25 june + 777 days?

-we’ve seen 777 everywhere since his death. ‚Father, Son, Holy Spirit’. It was his number.

-7+7+7=21… 21/12/2012…? Maybe he wants to point that out?

-Numerology isn’t occult. The numbers have a spiritual meaning. Or Psalm readings. He wore 777 for years on his arm.

In photo of This Is It. You see the number 25? there back !!!!!! 25 December!!!!

Jesus was 33 when he died. And he resurrected after 3 days…

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  1. that’s interesting the only thing is i can’t barely understand the small part of it….


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