This is Michael? – I think so. But we have no dates or anything at this fotce. And she never saw.
Because the locks are fotce. Michael has only locks in This Is It a conference in March they had NOT yet. Maybe this photo was made recently?


Yet return to the Conference in March:

Michael, in principle, the concerts did not say NOTHING!.

„I love you. (Corrects microphone)
Thank you all. (Michael screams of fans: THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT!) But I just want to say that, ehm … This … This will be my last gigs in London.
It will be. This is it. When I say „This is what it really means that this is it, because … (laughs) … I will perform the songs that my fans want to hear.
This is it.
The point is that it really is.
This is the last … This is the last to leave the curtains … Ok? I. .. ehm … I’ll see you in July. I. .. (laughs)
I love you. Really. You have to know I love you very much. Really. From the depths of my heart.
It is, and we see in July! „


I was surprised that Michael showed a fist to the paparazzi. Because the right side just steel paparazzi and other media. ! Never before did not do! ?

Michael as a finished speaking he turned and walked a few steps again to odwrucił Fan. (the return)?

Showed a fist in the direction of the paparazzi! – Hmm revenge?

Even surprised me is such a thing as he did shake his shoulders and spread his hands:
Such a terrible … with such a serious expression … looks like he said, „You have something for me?” – I’ve never seen such a Michael.
Always be ashamed and here please ..

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