Opinions of others

Opinions of others:

As for me, Mike is at Neverland
Do you remember how Larry was in Neverland? I think it was Mike idea of wmontować that spirit … This tip … Like he has not wanted to go back to Neverlandu, but said that there is his heart.”

„Official Information is that MJ never wanted to go back there, but as we know, despite everything that Neverland was a refuge for him, there is always able to hide from the world!”

after day, there was a 25/06 LK (respected person), checked and there was nobody there. repairs done. nothing but live-recall all the good memories.”


Michael „died” 25 June. Dec 25 it will be half a year (6 months) after his death. Dec 25 is Christmas Day. Michael mentioned in his diary for Chrismas. Michael before his death, said: „It will be a real Thriller.” December is a month „Thriller”!Remember the video of the song? There are zombies awaken, come out of the coffin. 25 -> 2 5 = 7 7 = Michael favorite number! Christmas.! resurrection.

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