„I always say to my fans: destroy the all the tabloids. Let’s do a great top tabloids and spalmy them. The true fans who love me, know that that stuff is not true. They know. They are smart.”

Thus, these words may suggest that Michael knew that his fans nies stupid and so give us much guidance … He knows that we know the truth.

Quite possibly.

Now I give you part of the individual interviews, because they can see that Michael did not invent it so HOAX just like in one day and talked many times about this. Maybe not directly, because it would be without meaning, but always said that we did not believe the media would make a film that will be a kind of watershed in the history of cinema, that his time is yet to come, and we all fall to the jaw.

+ Do not fit me one thing in the conference o2. The scene, which came out March 5, 2009 Michael was surrounded by a red curtain. Lectern stood in the middle. So strange for me (and not just for me) is that behind the curtain, specifically the one Michael has recorded everything. You can see it by clicking on the links below.


More photos have shown a man with a camera on the previous blog.

Especially visible is the last photo. Just click on it, and will increase. Then you can see, with which everything is recorded accurately. But beware: there is no record anywhere. Was not used in the movie „This Is It.” In addition, it has another such situation. Remember the man in the hat for memorial? Despite the ban on the entire ceremony, recording a small webcam. Again with the disguise.

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