Poland is important?

Twitter GODKNOWTRUE who watched it knows confident the post, and more specifically: „germaini IS THE KEY.”
Then he wrote something that we have to guess who he is, Jermaine, and explain everything to the Tribute.
Now: LaToya arrives to Polish with a companion, whose identity is unknown.
Next: if it would be Jermaine he would be the key.

And the best is that the tribute concert, which was first held in wrześniu2009, and later in June 2010 it will not, because I fell down a company that had a lot in common with him and from which it depended almost laob BE NOT BE.

„Poland is important.”.

The arrival of La Toy for Polish grew loud – in other fora Hoax are even links to Polish sites with this information.
For sure, they dine on our Polish forum to get some information because I know the Jackson family is being tracked by the people – he can say or do anything that will clue!

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