Presentation of PETER PAN at the O2 Arena LONDON!

Presentation of PETER PAN at the O2 Arena LONDON!

Peter Pan O2 Arena, London United Kingdom
This message is no doubt glad of any musical lover:

On 29-12-2009 O2 Arena (London, United Kingdom) will be a backdrop for an extraordinary and long-awaited event:

Peter Pan! Promises to be a fantastic atmosphere and a great spectacle. If you love music and dance, appreciate quality, creativity and great talent of actors, for sure you will want to see Peter Pan.

Remember well this date: 29-12-2009! Location: O2 Arena (London). Use seize the opportunity!

Peter Pan-Tickets available at – Your Ticket to Fun!


Immediately associate me Michael. 😉

And I was thinking …- Michael leap as Peter Pan and say:„As such surprise? Yet I tell you that I am Peter Pan.,, Death”was an adventure, but came back to you!”

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