This is exclusive: Michael Jackson is not dead! The whole is the wind to promote his latest British tour at the O2 Arena.
The route is called „This is it ‚and not just Michael Jackson returns to the music, he stand up like the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The route originally was to begin on July 13 and due to the fact that tickets were completely sold out the company had committed a big mistake and in fact some of the tickets sold twice and recorded in the same place for many people.

Planned a false death, and therefore rejected the concerts. Some people may receive gifts and exclusive golden ticket that will be the time when Michael Jackson „back”, they will be held in September for people who have a limited edition golden ticket.

The plan was actually used in fake death. People with the golden tickets were in shock. It was just another turn of events in the life of Michael Jackson. False particulars of his death will be suspended until September [2010].

What actually happened is that when Michael was taken to hospital by ambulance went out the side entrance, and then flew by helicopter are now in a safe place.
(Remember that the 25 June at the airport, flights were suspended Aircraft!-Hmm why? ..)

Jackson was heavily in debt after his incredible spending documented in the film „Living With Michael Jackson”. Jackson’owi were needed money from his death to promote the UK, which conquers the most records, and on Thursday, June 25 took the top15 on best-selling albums in one hour.

Planning took the death of a ruse MJ. Starting date of the concerts in London, starting in September.
Michael still has a serious debt that is actually worth more than his life. From the date of death of serious has mystified both albums fish offline and online to take a serious amount for themselves and their children.

Tour MJ „This is it” will be re-scheduled as „Tribiute tour, will be singing stars and musicians of his career.

Diversity and more to be announced. They will play against Michael Jackson who rises from the Earth, the white wall, where he will moonwalk at the bottom of the stairs in the center and on the stage. Planned to be explosions of noise and shock.

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