Read carefully and see whose name is in the directory of people who falsified death.

Read carefully and see whose name is in the directory of people who falsified death. ;o

–  John Stonehouse , a British politician who faked his own suicide by drowning in order to escape financial difficulties and live with his mistress. John Stonehouse,
He was discovered in Australia – where police initially thought he might be Lord Lucan – and jailed.

„Lord” Timothy Dexter , an eccentric 18th century New England businessman who faked his own death in order to see how people would react. „Lord” Timothy Dexter,
His wife did not shed any tears at the wake, and as a result he caned her for not being sufficiently saddened at his passing.

-Dorothy Johnson, an American woman who allegedly faked her death in the September 11 attacks in order to collect on insurance claims allegedly filed by her daughter, Twila McKee. Johnson and McKee were charged in 2003 with insurance fraud.

Michael Jackson , an American singer/songwriter/dancer/director, who faked his death in 2009, in order to show the world that the media is not to be trusted.

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