Reality Show.[Michael as the key. A surprise ending ….. ]

Los Angeles (Reuters) – Michael Jackson’s death put a sudden end a long reportedly plans to Jackson 5 reunion, but brother Jermaine Friday kept fans guessing whether there may be a „Jackson 4” concert next year.

„These plans are working, but you have to wait and see where he goes,” Jermaine Jackson told reporters, referring to upcoming reality show about the famous singing family.”

„The Jacksons: Family Dynasty,” which begins on 13 December airing on A & E Network, follows the original members, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon, as initially planned reunion 40 Anniversary of the Jackson 5, before – and after – and sudden death in June, their younger brother Michael.

The Jackson 5, with Michael as the key singer, was one of Motown’s biggest acts in the early 1970s, scoring hits such as „ABC” and „I’ll Be There”

Producers said on Friday, fans have to watch the Show Episode six to find out whether the brothers decided to go forward in some form, without Michael

„It’s a surprise ending … so you have to stay tuned for that [could not be translated]. Guys live all the answers in front of the camera,” says executive producer Jodi Gomes.

Gomes and Jermaine Jackson also denied reports earlier this year that his deceased brother’s three young children will appear in a television program, referring to respect for Michael’s efforts to keep them away from the media spotlight during his life.

„There was no intention to introduce children to show Michael before or after his death,” said Gomes.

TV show began shooting sometimes fractious four brothers in the spring of 2009, after their attempts to dance and recording studios and returning to its humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana, as they tried to put together plans for Jackson 5 reunion.

It also gives the first inside look like they are the subject of their brother, June 25, the death and its aftermath. Brother Jackie, 58, bursts into tears, as mentioned in the news of Michael’s death on his radio.

[Michael as the key. A surprise ending ….. ]

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  1. Dig this Funky Soul Mix!!!! let me know what you think about it


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