So go to the heart of the matter (and there are some very important!)

So go to the heart of the matter (and there are some very important!)

Blog contains lots of information, which is worth reading …

… 1) …
Interesting videos from speculation and the most interesting were:
(according to foreign fans)

… 2) …
Video shot by a fan of 17 July 2009
(Look at them carefully!… despite the fact that everything is clear)


„At the beginning of the film, it seems that Michael fan said:” Michael Jackson is alive. „Thus it appears that the film was made after the” death „of Michael. The film recorded July 17, 2009 and published on YouTube July 23, 2009.
This can be double or real Michael.
The idea is that if it would be Michael, could look like, because nobody would believe that he, as some believe that he was „not dead”.
I really want to know your opinion and the opinion of the fans, I compared a lot of pictures of Michael from this movie and I’m very tired and I do not know what to think. It would be good if others could give their opinion on this film.
Persons registered in this film have written comments:
„This is what I said when I saw him, but yes, it really … then we talked to him, not only had a mask and hat we could not do either photos or any videos!”
Please give me your opinion on this issue.
This guy in the video wears more makeup than Michael, but Michael’s eyes resemble the eyes. „

… 3) …
Statement by Grace Rwaramby
(although not the Hoax but important)

„Dear friends – Please help me pass the news that Prince, Paris and Blanket have no Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking accounts. All profiles purporting Princea, Paris and Blanket is a FAKE! Thank you for your support. I wish all the blessings and Merry Christmas! „

… 4) …
Quite recently I noticed that the account that was in the letter from Newcastle MJA (AllTheInjustice) opulikowne by TNZ was deleted but … It is also an account of the same name on Twitter!


I do not know if it coincidence that these 2 accounts belong to the same person but rather doubt it. Why? Read the next section. . .

… 5)…

„Oh God … yyyy … So … This is Michael! And yym … Michael!” … It is difficult to i. .. sorry … yyy. „– And the voice stops.

Michel vote, undecided. Wants to say something but can not smother it with each other. . . I am not surprised him.

With this news has some connection to the scene of Gilda TII because it is an indication. It is not long but enough to give us something. (I’m talking about filmiku but Gilda, too)

P.S. Notice the picture —3 x hand on it and red apple – APPLEHEAD

… 6) …
Hoax ?

… 7) …
Doctors, family and friends or Hoax?

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