Sony=Make Believe

Sony’s latest advertising campaign. Interesting word. The leitmotif is „Make Believe,. Believe, and here’s a new logo for Sony:

„Believe that curiosity is the key to creativity”

„Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real

At a press conference, Sony Europe president, Fujio Nishida, said: „Make.Believe symbolizes the spirit (spirit) by Sony, will continue to incorporate into a unique force in the opinion of Sony Entertainment.

The conference was shown a picture, the film 1:25 – Action words, Spirit and Make Believe were written the same – white color. This can be interpreted as:Take Action and Believe in spirit

At the end is a picture of a boy who appears in advertising for Sony – it is a strange shirt with some white patches on their shoulders, which are formed in something like: M 7 or M J. In other terms, though less visible inscription JM

Is this ad does not seem to some … strange?

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