Strange behavior of Michael at the conference o2.

Today I read that Michael was then the poles oO

Yes, I agree that behaved strangely. It is possible that he was influenced by some measures. How do these conclusions?

Firstly, it was clear that he is lost. We understand that the stress that comes after years and feels insecure because I did not know how others will react. But then Michael was the star of more than 30-year experience. He knew what to expect and how the fans react. Love it and are happy to return. In addition, on youtube you can watch other video from the conference. Michael is confident, he says what he wants to say and does not perform strange gestures.

As for the gestures … Little of their time there. Victoria, fist raised to the top .. Especially the latter. Unique character with MJ. In addition, at the end of the conference something like, „Got something to me?”. It made me wonder. Was it to someone? To whom?

Speech itself was also odd. Michael spoke as if the end does not know what to say. Interrupted mid-sentence. Changing tone of voice, with its normal to strongly reduced. Emphasized certain words.

Michael did not accuse of anything. I am not saying that he had any drugs. Just as he was known to many drugs of any kind. It is possible that he is also before the conference. We do not know anything. The preservation of Michael at a conference at any rate it was strange. Or rather unusual in his case.

And what strange in the same conference?

~ Michael missed on her two hours. Quite polite. He returns years later, fans are waiting because they want to see him after such a long time, they want to hear about new concerts … Nobody knows why MJ was late.

~ The conference was convened at the last minute. Fans found out about it the day before. The same as leading.

~ Michael, in principle, the concerts did not say anything. His words:

„I love you. (Corrects microphone) Thank you all. (Michael scans the fans: THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT!) But I just want to say is … ehm … This will be my last performances in London. It will. This is it. When I say „This is what it really means that this is it, because … (laughs) I will perform the songs that my fans want to hear. This is it. It’s about it really is. This is the last … This is the last to leave the curtains … Ok? I. .. ehm … I’ll see you in July. I. .. (laughs) I love you. Really. You have to know I love you very much. Really. From the depths of my heart. It is, and we see in July! ”

I thought that at such conferences is said to more … In the end she was just saying to a series of concerts. But something more than saying that it will play your songs, that will be held in July and that his recent performances.

It’s all one big mystery. We do not know what and why, where or with whom. No one tells us nothing. Nobody will help us to nothing. Leave the conference for some time. People draw from it more and more. Including backmaskingiem. If something important that will certainly give it here.

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