strange thing happened!!!!!!!!

the a strange thing happened!!!!!!!!

„This forum needs to disappear! And so be it! Too many already know … fuck the Poles.”

I checked the IP number and …
– Host indicates the United States of America – Los Angeles, exactly.

One person received a message from that person.

„How much do you wish? We’ll give you so much, or otherwise it will finish.”

This is not normal! o.O

IP indicates that the L.A. !

This strange from Los Angeles writes:

It’s not a joke. We have you in the nostrils. Your wishful thinking and the drilling of the subject was already too far away! This must stop!”

Unless they themselves know best what I mean. Give him peace of mind! Holidays are coming, raise their own affairs, not this forum. Will disappear anyway. What do I want? Michel had been so calm!”


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