Suspicious things behind the curtain

Suspicious things behind the curtain:

I found a few photos and presents them as evidence that the curtain was someone who filmed the entire course of the conference.Is this not strange situation?Pan the man behind the scenes … conferences, in addition cameraman tries to pretend that it is not.After all, there is nothing surprising in the filming of this event, so, after which, in principle, he hid and recorded conferences the „back”? He could stand at the front.

Another question unanswered.

On these pictures you can see how someone, and Pan the hides behind the curtain! But Why?!

Reviewed the British and American parties in search summaries of the conference. In fact, everywhere I met with one opinion, which read as follows:

„Michael has behaved very strangely, until now we did not know it from this side, but I must admit that all this was charming.”

„He looked great with no prior information about his illnesses were not confirmed.”

In a completely different way people spoke, commentary articles.

„Michael has a different voice, a shallower ‚.

„From a distance, did not look like Michael.”

„This walk is impossible.”

As you can see the view is again divided. I did everything possible to spread the conference on prime factors. What I found surprised even me. I know that the conference is the official beginning of haox. In any case, the beginning is the most complex and then is just easier.

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