The whole truth about the conference at the O2

Many people do not believe in me and not just my words, that at the March conference hall O2 were two Michaelów, the true and double. On Facebooak I found some photos that I hope rozwieją your doubts and brightens the truth. I want you to prove that the curtains was not a camera with a white tip only man in a white mask, probably a real Michael Jackson. See.

Two, Michael, and only one true, of course, is on the left side. Other noses, others mouth. Something on the stage seemed to be similar now completely changed his image.

screen with the film placed on youtube has long signaled that the curtains of interesting things happening. Many people thought that the camera, which was visible than many photos from the conference. For me and some people, but there was a camera man as well known as Michael Jackson.

and approximately …..

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