„This is it” examines the back

„This is it” examines the back

It looks like this:

0:20 believe (heard there are some alive) belive,Alive
0:34 wouldn’t you sigger a thing

1) to fail to hold up your end of the deal, to not do as agreed.
2) to do a socially rude thing.
0:40 believe
0:57 believe in that, I love it
1:04 listen to me
1:10 these things are (gone?)
1:14 believe me in everything
1:21 listen to me, possibly
1:26 play with me
1:31 leave me alone, leave me
1:39 believe
2:00 in my rigid
2:03 you must listen to me
2:13 lead my plan
2:20 this is it
2:23 this is good
2:34 this is it
2:39 believe
2:59 I would be ___ (alive?)
3:08 listen to me
3:09 I’ll prevail
3:10 simply, all these odds, believe me
3:16 believe me now
3:28 sorry
3:33 this is it


This is it, from the rear

„This is it” examines the back
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