Dr theory. Thome Thome
In the latest film from the Dr. told journalists. Thome was the ambassador to Senegal. However, there was no nothing about this man.
At all, however, are judicial documents relating to fraud and threats to settle everything before going to court. Is not it?

Whether these documents would certainly fake?
Plan of the film Michael?

Frank Dileo about dr. Thome Thome

It does not look very credible when talking about Thome Thome, right?
Complete contradiction with what is said Larry King Live.

Oh, so what does not control?

How Dileo said in an interview with Larry King Live, Michael has total control over them. Although the story … As Thome looked in the film according to you?

As for the search results on Dr. Thome .. you will not find too much about this man .. with the exception of strange things!!!

Ok, back to the topic the biggest show on earth? PT Barnum?

What’s interesting, PT Barnum Circus was in the same city and the show took place the day after the funeral, Michael (8 July) at the funeral of the Staples Center.

Knowing Michael’s love for his circus founder and realize how beautiful this is the case!
Morning during the funeral of Michael, as we saw on the street

next to the Staples Center …? (elephants)

Dangerous was the cover (with a code to the circus) that we see on the cover, in the bottom right corner of the dwarf on the head (Interestingly, the skeleton is in the ear, PT Barnum, and when you rotate the image upside down it expands it)

Human heads of animals, elephants, animal skeletons, all the symbols associated with PT Barnum!

Definitely, this cover has a few suggestions, but we have to find …

PT Barnum story is very interesting:

One day a man who looked for work, he went to Mr. Barnum. This simply called and asked him to one after the other stood in the corner of the street to the museum.

Every day, the man placed a brick and he was obliged not to talk about it to anyone. People were curious, and finally after all the bricks to come to the museum.

Barnum Museum has had a quiet success is through a small brick. Nicknamed „the man brick”
This is the „Brickman” was recognized as a beggar (a person who is not very reliable and has been publicly used)

IN OUR history, OUR who is this „Brickman” which leads us to the yellow S, which we come to „the greatest SHOW ON EARTH” Wizard of Oz?

Harvey Levin, TMZ

TMZ is a party to the flagship Hollywood treated as a „Beggar”?

But now that Michael Jackson has announced the death, and made reference is now known worldwide!

This is the reason (reason), by which TMZ has been found in history.

TMZ first reported about the death of Michael a few minutes before the official announcement and Jermaine.
Besides, when I publicly announces someone’s death by a family member?
Correctly, are the police and medical services from it.

After checking on either conference, there was no announcement from the p family.
And when the headlines on the internet speak with Michael was in a coma at TMZ were witness to Michael’s dead.

TMZ first had a picture of the ambulance (which was taken, we already know, a friend of Michael in video2)
TMZ first spoke of the allegations of drugs
TMZ first powiedziel that it was murder.
TMZ live at przekiwań police documents revealed in the office of dr. Arnold Klein (a doctor and a friend of MJ)
TMZ first reported about the agreements that have been made between MJ’s mother Katherine and his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Michael dot children.
TMZ was the first, which gives us a picture of Dr. Murray
TMZ was the only one who has received a copy of the movie Dr. Murray
TMZ are the only ones who know everything about Dr. Murray and his life
TMZ Hollywood and TV were the first who showed pictures of Michael ambulance at home
TMZ were the ones who have received all information about all the allegations against Michael when he died
TMZ first images showed the court Dr Murray (who was recently in court because of his former wife, who asks him money for child)
TMZ seems to know everything before everyone credible journalists, and even though they know they have a lot of contacts ..
TMZ is not always in place when there are other journalists, you can rely on them because it contain the latest info about MJ

It is hard to imagine why the day after Michael’s death, other media did not give more details about the death
MJ is not on the list of people dead, TMZ, when even the dog Lady Gaga there!

Next is the question of Karen makijazystce Michael who, after June 25 published the pictures on your Twitter where he was with Michael. Then these images were at TMZ. Several fans wrote to TMZ and have their evidence that the pictures were the same. Why are they already sold to TMZ instead of the New York Times or other well-known journalist. ? – Strange.

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