Where The Wild Things Are

Recently in the United States had its premiere the long-awaited movie for children – Where The Wild Things Are (where live wild creatures).

This is a story about a little boy having a rich imagination Maxie, who has difficulty with dogadaniem own mother. For their own needs boy imaginuje your own ideal world, where live the great monsters, and he is their king.

This is a screen adaptation of the famous children’s books written by Maurice Sendak.

Here’s a piece of the song from the movie. Who is the voice? Michael’s voice.

Listen carefully!!

Listen to the 0:06 min. !! Really.


Trailer of the film. „Where …”. There fall the words: HOPE, ADVENTURE.

Matter of the film is already interested.
One person rang the distributors of the film, asking whether the voice for one character did not say Mr. Michael Jackson.
Behavior of this record was very strange, the first Disconnected, then do not receive from the phone number and then rang and it was found that they could not provide information on the subject.

Is it strange?

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