Why do not wish to reveal the act?

Why do not wish to reveal the act?



Joe Jackson lost his temper. Father died in 2009, Michael Jackson formally requested to disclose the results of an autopsy son.

Jackson clan leader has long expressed doubts about the health status of Michael for a few weeks before the tragic death of the artist, and called for disclosure of the true cause of the death of her son. Angered, the lack of response to his request, Joe Jackson formally through a court ordered access to documents drawn up after an autopsy son. Files have a university clinic UCLA Medical Center.

According to the website TMZ, Brian Oxman, a lawyer Joe Jackson, has already sent two official letters to the UCLA Medical Center, which requested disclosure of the contents of documents. The clinic will now have to formally respond to the request.

Oxman asked for an opportunity to review the autopsy results, photographs of the body of Michael Jackson and the opinions of doctors on the causes of death.

Joe Jackson stressed that acts on behalf of the entire clan. Michael est family believes that disclosure of the results of an autopsy will find the true cause of death for Michael, and thus indicated is the person responsible for the tragedy. Hence the decision to issue a court summons to the disclosure act. Jacksons are convinced that the death of a star is guilty of a personal physician Michael Conrad Murray.

What’s surprising and puzzling Oxmana proposals met with considerable opposition from lawyers responsible for the estate of the deceased „king of pop”. In a letter disclosed by the website TMZ, attorney Howard Weitzman wrote to Oxmana that his behavior is „far from adequate.”

According Weitzmana, request to see the records violates the right to privacy by Michael Jackson and the rights of patients and physicians.

and a comment to this:

„read all of the declassified FBI files on
Michael Jackson, there are more people where he
threatened, and scared him to kill people in the crowd
His concerts and, later, his … what he had
feel like he saw with his fans can something
threaten … Nobody speaks about it, but Michael paid
settlement, not to make the process is not completed in August, but after
is that the boy’s father did to him … because
threatened him with death … I do not know, may be too strong
thesis, but do not be surprised if His
someone has died …”

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