WHY IS FAKE? (picture of an ambulance) PART 1


picture of an ambulance


1. We have original photos of the ambulances, which dates from 1985, was specifically done during transport Michael to the hospital when fainted on stage. And we have it here:

2. Photographs had to be made through the open door of the clinic.

3. There were two ambulances. In addition, one does not exist. At least, not the property of UCLA. Owner unknown? Of course, that well known. Ambulance, which was like Michael is his property!!!!!!!!!

4. At this time Carolwood fire truck was allegedly asked if the fire that broke out at the neighbor Michael.

As can be seen live Carlowood only Michael Jackson, so how come he was an ambulance at his house when he was called to a neighbor?
Best in all this is that the screen could be seen in the car fireman combined list of 911
A car was there from 9 in the morning, and as we know, the phone was made at 12:21.

Paparazii found a telephone and address (Law on the Protection of personal data). Fortunately, there is also a picture that was not done by them.

Someone did EXIP’a pictures and work out that it was done on 11:24:33!!

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