Why Murray raises many questions?

Why Murray raises many questions?

On MJZYJE A certain „Annie_is_ok” wrote the commentary written on the blog King’s where the „Heidi” writes that she finds information about the mysterious doctor and Jackson. It follows from this that:

– His real name is not only Conrad Murray Robert Earl Carter.

– Is married to Blanche Yvette Bonnick Murray. I just took from her name, which changed the license in February 2009.

– Both are owners of the two estates, but the police searched the only one of them.

– Roommate or colleague Susan Murray is a rush. Typing the name in google, we can find that … Susan Rush „is a circus, which is owned by the same Robert Earl Carter. It should be recalled that „the police searched the house of Susan Rush, in order to find a hiding Murray. As can see, not everything is true.

What’s more, you can also find the information that Dr. Murray was bankrupt. After the London concert organizer AEG Jackson hired him, that ensured that the health status of Michael before the big return.

It is believed also that the recruitment for the position of a private doctor star is introduced to the house occupied by Michael in LA with her sister, who acted as nurses.

In 2009, against Conrad and his firm received summonses totaling $ 433 000.

And now it is worth asking why someone like Michael would have to hire a doctor who has many actions on your account? In my opinion, their lives and health does not consist in the hands of someone with such problems. Would choose someone „clean”, at least I think so. Moreover, since such a doctor could not even properly carry out a resuscitation … Think that he believed only in their basis?

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