FBI files publishing balance sheets investigations into Michael.

FBI files publishing balance sheets investigations into Michael.

On Tuesday, the FBI showed accumulated over 17 years of investigative documents against Michael Jackson. Most of them are related to ongoing investigations regarding allegations of sexual harassment by the artist.

Journalists began to search and write 333 pages, declassified by the FBI on their website.

The FBI points out that Jackson was cleared of all accusations, which weighed on him. They say the documents declassified by the FBI due to a request resulting from the U.S. law, Freedom of Information Act (przyp. crowd „Freedom of Information”), composed after the death of a star June 25, 2009 year.

Between 1993 and 1994 and 2004 and 2005, were held in August against Mr Jackson investigation by agencies of the state of California for possible admission to molesting a child. He was cleared of these accusations. Then led the FBI’s investigative activities in these matters. Office of the lead, the investigation against Mr. Jackson to pogróżkom and other similar affairs, which later came to the conviction for committing this crime.

Documents say about the FBI investigation on the man who sent threatening letters from Mr. Jackson’s life-threatening and President George HW George W. Bush in 1992. Declared guilty man and was sent to federal prison, the FBI says.

Documents were developed by the FBI office in Los Angeles, when asked the FBI to conduct the case in California against a man who had just been arrested for sending threatening letters with a few. This man, falsely claimed to be the son of mob boss John Gotti, who had threatened Jackson that osaczy his house and kill him. The same content sent to the President of the United States and others. It was considered that the man is incompetent for the court and sent it to  2 years in prison ..

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  1. Very interesting. Thanks by your help for my understanding. I’m BELIEVER and need to read..watch..listen.. L.O.V.E. MICHAEL JACKSON & who LOVES him too!


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