1. Anyone who reads my blogs certainly associate „7even”. This is the title of „frustrated” by Michael Jackson CD, on which work was stopped several years ago.

2. The day before yesterday it took 7 months from the death or „death” Jackson.

3. Michael Jackson Release THIS IS IT Events: CLICK <<, ie evenings organized on the occasion of release „Michael Jackson’s” This Is It „(FREE!), In which he himself participated by Kenny Ortega, the dancers of” This Is It „and the fans.

7+ EVEN + t = 7EVENt

7 – months had elapsed since 25 June.

EVEN – in conjunction with „7” has just the title gives us the album „7even”

T – when you add the letter „t” to the word „even” come out „event,” which in English means „evening”. Here, immediately come to mind is structured evening in Los Angeles and New York on the occasion of release of „This Is It” on Blu-Ray and DVD

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  1. very interesting..

  2. Really interesting. Thanks.

  3. Well I don’t really understand French. I find this very interesting.


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