EXIF data from images

According to the EXIF data, the author of most photos by Kevin Mazur and they are executed 24.06.2009r. (yes, we saw a video from one of trials !!!!).

IPTC data show, however, that all of these pictures were taken 28.05.2009r. Anyway, go to that record from the trial only one day.

I do not know the difference between these figures, but it is more EXIFie and there is recorded the original date of the camera. I will then guided him. Lolek can say what it really different? I never heard about the IPTC.

Here I show one by one data image.

The November dates in the „Date Time” is, please do not worry, because it certainly is apparent from the subsequent re-saving files, etc. – we count the „Date Time Original”.

Hour span is very large.

Only this picture, from bearing the logo TII is copyright Columbia Pictures has the rights to the rest of the Michael Jackson Company.

Other pictures (except a few that do not have the EXIF data at all), have the same date, differs only one hour.

Stands out from the rest, only one image, which is not surprising:

It was made 06.05.2009r. by a man named John Shearer. (according to the IPTC data and 28.05.2009r.) Hmm, the same apparatus as Kevin Mazur.?

It looks strange to me that all the shots come from a single day.

Another of 24.06.

Michael had a really busy day and night-working …
Photos are spread more or less three in the morning until late afternoon.

AEG prepared hoax of Michael. Drew my attention to pictures from the trials of mjj-online.net. Or, rather, that there are a few thousand, although they come with one max of 2-3 days.

Due to the fact that Michael could not cope with the occurrence of the stage 50 times opted for another viable option for both parties.
Sales and promotion boards, dvd, and the same film in cinemas.

Michael looked worse in June than in previous months.
Why, then, just squeeze us a photo of this month where he looked the worst (in terms of weight loss).

And why these photos are so very much.
At the last moment did the materials for the sale of film and plates.

Both exif and IPTC metadata is to describe the digital images.
The difference is, however, so that exif automatically saves the data in the camera.
ALW IPTC credited manually.
From the photos exifów Ben Evenstada I know that uses Adobe XMP Core.
And that is something similar to the IPTC-simply add the additional data to photos to be carefully archived, look on the disk, or post the copyright information.

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  1. what program did you use to do this? could you show us how you did this. I think you are lying. I have a friend that knows how to do this, i will ask him

  2. sorry but I do not lie

  3. i know that you are not lying:)
    but really whats the program are you using?
    i want to see some pics 🙂
    thank you!

  4. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this amazing
    site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the info!


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