Something happens and it certainly is not normal!

Wow! Something is happening with the media – and it is something serious!

Can you remember how I wrote recently that Brian Oxman (Jackson Advocate) has confirmed that this picture of Michael from the clinic is fake and that it was talking about in the Italian news?

So ever since that time have been other interesting cases:

One of them is that The Sun published a recording of the transport Michael to the hospital where he was pronounced dead rescuers state.

Apparently they could not say whether the recording is so true statements about its authenticity were divided … Until TMZ (well known) yesterday published the article.

Notice the first words -”Michael Jackson Another hoax … ‚
hmm – another hoax by Michael Jackson … – Not counting the pictures and video from the clinic with RTL …

Well unless they suggest something, and looking at the comments, everyone knows what they can suggest. More and more people know that Mike is alive. 🙂

And yet not too long ago on TMZ could read about the raid on the airport Jermaine (link- ideo/ )

Strange that such a small setback TMZ no interest and see how the written – „Jermaine knows what killed Michael is the only secret-Shhhh …”


Now the second thing-a little more obvious – it comes to the most recent article The Sun.   look at the cover.

In the upper right corner is written – Michael is alive, sartling new autopsy proof (Michael lives, new shocking evidence of the autopsy).

Ok, so the article (to find him Put the title on the cover on google …) more or less says this is not possible that the autopsy was done on Michael’u because there are plenty of things that do not agree.
Such as hair color, height weight i.t.p. and compares it to Elvis MJ …

Explain: after all information concerning. Michael”death”that appeared on the internet and the press, I think there are 2 main media that are related to the hoax – are working together with Michael.

These are – TMZ (he was probably the greatest roles) and the Sun (it is worth remembering that The Sun, The News Of The World and skynews all the same)

They got a little more The celebrity and sensationalism on all the roles …

To confirm my assumption, I give a few examples.

-Who first said the”death”of Michael? – TMZ
-Who first published the picture of Mike from the clinic (Fotoshop)? – The Sun
-Who published all of the certificates”death”? – TMZ
-Who was the first published interview with the 911? – TMZ
-Who was the first published notes written by Michael before he died? – The News of the World
-Who still informs us about the scandals, the results of an autopsy, processes, investigations, etc.. – TMZ, The Sun, The News Of The World

[this is a lot they look for information on the MJ after jego”smierci”and you will see that 99.9% comes from the media!]

And when some time this type of media directly associated with Michael suggests that something is wrong and that it may be that Mike really sfingował his death – the question arises whether they want us to suggest that Michael be added soon came back and it was everything comes to an end slowly? I do not know, but at 100% of something happening.

Especially when one reads these articles.

Title-„Michael Jackson has given a sign from beyond the grave that Murray is innocent” – I have the impression that this character, in other words, come back, waiting for 8 months already.

Something happens and it certainly is not normal!

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Italian journalist

Do you remember  Italian journalist?
Again writes:

„TMZ is part of a hoax, Michael is the co-owner, so any one message contains a hidden message is he decides what to disclose.

– All charges against Murray, judge him, show him the finger, but do not know the truth, but everyone has to assess the situation himself and not follow others, you need to understand.

– Say that MJ was weak, addicted – not to hear. In the end you will understand why.

– Step by step reach the truth, I have only to show you the path.

– I recall a few dates, which I have already mentioned: 3.4, 8.5, 25.6, stand in faith.

– Murray went back to work … do not you think that this nonsense? Further confirmation.

– TS write again.

– Judge not … try to understand everything, wait until the end of the judgments.

Question.: – A few days ago TMZ posted an article where the photographs Murray, carnival in Trinidad, says MJ fun fact recalling process. Is that intentional? Is the relationship / similarity between the process and the process Michael Murray?

Answer.: – Switch roles. TMZ did not publish anything by accident: remember, every time, please respond.

For example:

Fans wrote that no one visits Michael in the graveyard … After a few days in a reality show Jacksons are going to Forrest Lawn. (in addition to another FL)

Fans wondered why Murray has been accused of … – Began the process.

Question.: – Do you have any news, is that the green guy from the video watw 25 to Michael?

Response.: – I must not comment on this

Question.: – Whether the person in the 0.56 to Michael? this would explain everything in the hoax?

Answer.: – Of course.

Posted on 02/15/2010, 4:20 pm – user Blackorwhite

Black writes:
There are two versions of We are the world video.

Rabbi wants to be famous. Do not believe him. Joe is not the end that was.

Question.: – If I’m not mistaken, is Michael himself several interviews he said that his father beat him and siblings when they were little, right?

Answer.:yes, but is otherwise described [?]

Question.:why in the most delicate time of the case, over which the government watches and Michael appear in the garden? knowing that the paparazzi are out? Why is this not prevented? [He wrote about someone in a clan that someone saw Michael in the garden in Forrest Murray Lawin as „apparently” there, he visited Michael].

Answer.: Video not appeared deliberately. Had to be removed. This is the case.

Question.: Why so long delayed its removal?

Answer.: Because there is no danger. Slowly, everything will be revealed. Photo of the stretcher is bubel, within a few months will prove more.

Question.:Is there a link between these clips? Thriller, WATW, Stranger in M / N

Answer.:The last 2 are linked.

WATW for Haiti, a project very close to Michael.
– John Gotti is not threatened recently to Michael, it’s not, because of the King of Pop had to disappear
– Titojackson5 is true (we know:))
– Tito and the rest of sending messages from 25 June
– All say that WATW for Haiti was recorded in Hollywood Henson Studios, where the first version, but this is not true, but no one denies it, because he can not
– Janet did not join the J5
– An interview with Glenda is a fake, in the background are the ‚double vote’
– Stevie Wonder knows hoax.
– Solider Of Love is a song for the believers (many fans MJA is a star)
– Karen and Kenny do not hate each other, be vigilant
– When everything is over, I would like to meet you
– False information is made intentionally, otherwise hoax would not be possible
– „Murder by contract” has been released deliberately
– Never spoke directly with Mr. Jackson, something will happen 25 June
– Michael probably speaks little French
– In the TII is double, although it is hard to believe. Even looks like him …
– Michael was / has followed events (I do not know what its stake …) in Italy, including a festival in Sanremo
– Michael feels good, go (visit)
– Murray will appear in April, the court will be determined case zw. of hearing
– I do respect Souza
– Back is not Michael the mjjc
– Imissyouall09 is not Michael
– is not always reliable
– Attempts to TII had to be at Staples, LA is a convenient location.
Question.:During a Grammy all look at one point, that looks like a ‚person’ …
Answer.:This is not a man, this is not Michael.
– 25 June
– May 8
– April
– Most recently an eye on are Italy [probably remember in Italy was to be a concert for Michael. JOE and unless there a castle looked lately? ]
– Nation of Islam are not dangerous
– Return before June
Question.:Black, I’m in shock! I bought a dvd from the TII, watched movie again …. and zonke – at the end clearly says Michael! Does not look to the case …
Answer.: This scene is not random [This is the scene as Michael talks about ‚BAM’].
Question.: Michael is alive, but singer died. Changed identity, narrowly escaped attack. Not protected by the FBI or the CIA … Your comment?
Answer.:He is very well protected and as an artist does not intend to die.
Question.:Something has to happen 25 June. It’s about Bam’s Day or something else, or maybe Bam’s Day comes first?
Answer.: Maybe sooner, but 25 June is a very important date.
Question.: Does Michael know what headers are back on the cover of TII?
Answer.: ask.
Question.: Does a ticket attached to the 3d TII may prove useful when BAM!?
Answer.: Meybe
Question.:Are you 100% confirm that MJ will return in June or earlier.
Answer.:At 100%
Question.:Tito wrote on Twitter: Pack Jack, where are you? Is he playing with us?
Answer:.Pack Jack is he .. Already some time ago I wrote about it. A few weeks ago wrote: Jack Pack back in the summer of 2010. Proclaim to all and sundry.
Question.: What is the meaning of bad news?
Answer:. ust about the media. Recording of the ambulances are fake.
Question.: If MJ to live, it is probably sprawdziłby, which print on the cover of TII, hm?
Answer:.  verifies hardly covers all languages. This treatment marketing.
8 months
– Jacksons twitter removed most important, those of Michael (Jackpack and snow?)
– Bam does not take place in Berlin
– Green guy will be used in the future, after bamie
– Jason Malachi (wtf?)
– TMZ finally responded to our requests and confirmed that the phone is fake paramedics
– Fanconvention – August, after returning … beautiful meeting for the fans and Michael, thanks Katherine
– Watching us, me too
– MJ and siblings stick together
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I mean a red shirt with the number 777 Michael [probably more about what is it?].
I noticed that it is precisely this shirt in every picture.
Even so it seems to me that the dancers were dressed in the same or changed on a sample.
Michael changed clothes, but not quite so …
Impose only other clothes on the red blouse.
Because of all her clothes there.

And in the silver jacket and into the gray and into the black dress of Earth Song and Thriller, under the guise and under the blue blouses.

He still has the red shirt with the numbers 777

And I do not think that every day for about 4 months (so supposedly trained) to impose the same blouse.?
These photos must be from one day, because Michael is everywhere the same dirty right trouser leg.!
And knowing that he probably would not assume the same pants for a long time?

Overlooks the fact that This Is It was recorded at 1 or 2 days!
So why everyone says that as many as 100 hours testing?

Michael practiced by day and night .. but it’s still not enough for 100 hours.
Day is 24 hours. times 2 is 48 hours!

She added that recent photos do some there (can not remember his name) This Is It also came just one day, just from June 24 – ALL!

1958 + 2009 —> 3967–>3+9+6+7–>25—>2+5—-> 7


Symbol of the transmutation which takes place when a man becomes aware of the need to enter the path to God.

700 +70 +7 + Almighty Father Son & Holy Spirit of God.

(777 – the cross – from the Greek. Stavros).

700 – Father Almighty – perfection
70 – Wisdom, Light of the mind
7 – Number complete, the Holy Spirit

777 – back to the Supreme Consciousness

777 in numerology is considered to be a wonderful number
– So called, the angels have for you a gift.

In ezoteryce 777 means that virgin soul, which God gave life embarks on a mission to grow and go back and re-connect with their creator.

Go 777 lifetimes must be incarnate in the seven bar rotation so that the wave of life reaches 7 worlds.

The symbolism of this number is, therefore, ascension of the soul through the body.

Christ said:
„I am the resurrection”.

In Greek resurrection is written „h anastasiv” – that is, 777

Number 777 is used 1 times in the Bible.
It was in ancient times, the secret number of the Hebrews and Semites,
represented by a perfect and holy.

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There is still another letter:


Thank you for your letter written to me.

Not everyone responds to a question forgive me for this
I came to was to give a message and come to assure you that I have plans for the Polish and
They will be implemented regardless of the huge resistance from opposing forces me!
Everything depends on me, and we expect the same from you, in this complex time.

Who am I?
I’m … Who I am forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen now do not do anything to wait. [?]
Each of you at this time to decide which way to choose for themselves.
I am not a crook, he should not hurry to assess each person.
Believe in yourself, do not let another twist, people are envious.
God created man free, and it respects freedom.
Analize exactly what we do during the day, what you think.
Poles must be approached carefully to everything around you and everything you encounter in your life.
I can understand only if you can raise the vibration to a level where I can be myself.
Available for a long time.

My message is for you to have read many a smile of doubt and criticism of its physical characteristics of the mind.
Many of you, it seems that the whole world gone crazy. And it is not far from the truth.

I do not have time to talk too much and too long, and is based on science, which has already been provided.
Also, do not tell time. Because regardless of the time, back when I am sure it is just like child’s play.Needs a little time and a little more power it all takes time.
Be good, have to accept the inventors.
They find ways to attract millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Sing the highest note. Be an example!
step forward.

You have to endure to the end.

Now is the time when you need to understand that all possible deadlines have passed.

The new world could happen at any time.
The day that sounded yet another attempt to heart.

Do not worry about you, stop with the vanity, stop and hesitate to rush. Silent no matter what is happening around them.

We say goodbye to a very long time.

I love you Poles are not so good in the minds and hearts, because you only love and gratitude to God and the law Education.
Beloved Archangel Michael and the angels of fire protection permit.

Polish problems, we can see that it has strengthened us all, every individual, every human being.

Let them become stronger and our love. This is a difficult task and has many dimensions: personal, family, social and civic.

Love, understanding, and requires trust, remember and be ready for reconciliation and mutual forgiveness.

Love means devotion to family and friends, to society, the Motherland.
Do not let your pride and pride suffered. This is the biggest bane of humanity.
Let, and there shall not want a spirit of service, honesty, truth and concern for the common good even at the price of resignation from his generosity, the holy land as a princess!

Let them in these areas will not lack the desire for holiness, which are purchased by a competent, servant working in a spirit of love for God and neighbor.

How a man is honest, fair and generous, attentive to the dignity of their own and others, is open to others, helping them with advice and assistance, treatment of competition as a test of his humanity, the reign of the spirit over the body.

I appreciate the love this award more than medals.

Believe in yourself, no matter how much negative energy brings down. Throw it, and remember, I’m not beaten a legend.

I love you, Polish people are in my heart.

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Again, writing DooDoo!

Poland and Poles
Time of reflection for each of you is getting shorter,
Fruits ripen in its diversity, autumn will bring you many sudden return of reality.
Christ commanded to love our neighbor, and in such moments as this, once almost stopped flowing at the same time as compacts
This year is only the last seconds, must suffice for all eternity.
And so remain, because your mind is too limited to be able to understand me, like ants, the mind is able to understand you – the people.

You must accept and accept this state of affairs.
Let it be, because it is very important
„The objective justifies the means”. Truly I say to you, not objective measures may be holy. Each power comes from God.
Since then, the man will always yearn to return to the carefree state of happiness, which features people are not burdened by a higher consciousness,
state, which can be compared to a happy childhood.

It was already a few people false pride is mixed with stupidity, do not admit to an error in the interpretation of fact, I confess,
That I’m going the wrong way, no way out. Yes! There were some, I admit.
Time has shown that they were wrong. When I finally reached them too late to help. For folly is always paid the high price.

You must forgive me, if you do not do this now I will not have to talk with someone on this earth.

New Ten Commandments will not leave you with a very prosaic reason, it is now, is the best proof of the ineffectiveness of the law written.

Can cause injury to yourself, do not do evil to each other.
Perhaps you think you will find a third way, which will keep the same order.
The need to measure the measure of the human heart – the heart.
Neither the time nor the wisdom of man does not change – because change is the only man capable of love.
Because love depends the future of human societies. The future of the nation state in Europe and worldwide.

In a word passes into the world.

Real World

Do not wait for me
I’ll be ready
Only I’ll be back again

Charlie is a large radius of innocent young woman with a big heart, like the novel mountain.

See the end is near
Thanks for looking

Colored light once again, your friendship is my greatest treasure.
love you.

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Yet strange answer Jerm:

Question: How did you hear about the death of his brother?.
J: „My mom called … .. no, wait, CNN, phoned to my wife – Larry King asked whether we know anything about Michael …”

Oh yes,  can already get lost in all this, Jermaine apparently forgot what version it was transmitted. In every interview he said this, what else. !

In a further passage of this exclusive interview talk about the fact that for 17 years not finally closed an investigation into the harassment, the reason for this was to destroy Michael.

Maybe it was one of the reasons hoax? In the end it was necessary to close the case of someone who does not officially dead.

Jerm: „After Michael was acquitted did not end his problems … he was further harassed and intimidated”

This passage talks that it was the main reason of departure (flight) Michael to Bahrain. Everything seems to indicate that what we are now witnessing is not the first flight by Michael.

At this undoubtedly difficult decision of Michael apparently had an impact, several major issues that have imposed themselves on the health problems, the desire for revenge on the media on the threat of ending life.

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Excerpts of interview La Toya

Excerpts of interview La Toya:

Editor: Welcome
La Toya: „Hello, how are you?”
E: „Everything okay?”
La Toya: „Yes”

Amazingly La Toya was obviously very pleased and amused her participation in this program.

E: „Is Michael takes the same at all any decisions?”
L: „People with the feeling of indulgence controlled him and he was very hard for anyone to refuse”
E: „I see that you had knowledge that they szkodzili him, you were able to do something about it?, You could change this situation?”
L: „It is very difficult, because … , Because for us they did not allow it, I know something about this because once I was alone in a similar situation. It is not so simple, anyone you do not commit to not even phone home ”
E: „glad that the investigation into the death of your brother will soon come to an end?”
L: „, recorded as well (makes a very strange face) you surprised by some things that come to light. What is happening now is truly amazing, but until then I can not talk about everything.”
E: „And when we learn something more?”
L: „Maybe in a month – two”

„you surprised by some things that come to light. What is happening now is truly amazing, but as long as I can not talk about everything.” This is the most interesting part of the entire interview.
Is La Toya to make sure you speak about the inquiry?, Or rather, a hoax?.
We have no doubt, because what may surprise us in the investigation of death? „, A report from another autopsy?. haha!

E: „Let’s talk a moment about your song” Home. ”
L: „Yes, called” Home „label decided to give her and I, I considered that every penny of this song is dedicated to one of the foundations that support Michael. Wrote it to my partner 5 years ago says it is about a family that has long been present in the show business and Michael, how show business we split and how everyone behind him miss.

So the song „Home”, which is not so promoted was written in honor of Michael, it is definitely good news, which proves that La Toya did not create anything for the „dead” brother. After all, everyone said that the song is a tribute to Michatla etc.. Apparently NOT since Michael died.

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Thank you so much.

Thank YOU ALL  for reading this blog. I was trying to be all it liked you. This website was created for the fans.  Thanks to you all, this blog is still valid.  Your visiting and writing comments meant that our cooperation is more pleasant.  I thank all of you with all my heart because if not all of you then this blog would not exist.  You are all amazing.  I love YOU so much.   God Bless YOU.   L.O.V.E

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BRIAN OXMAN ENDORSES: Photo from the clinic IS FAKE

„Michael Jackson was NOT killed in three hours and Brian Oxman is on TV around the world, is identified as a representative of a singer or his family.”

Postby LadyMedic »Wed 17 Febuary 2010 8:30 pm

He also clearly states that:

„I say, it looks to fake, and if they want to prove otherwise, I’d be curious about the evidence.”

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Interview with Jermaine, who says: „Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport… uhm… I, I, I mean way before, before he arrived to the hospital.”

25 June, all airplane flights were canceled! Coincidence? („he arrived to the airport”)

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