Maybe silly, but something occurred to me ..
If Michael said ‚4 years’ and was hoping for 2009 is thinking about 2012.
2010 – 3 years. Starting in 2010 goes 2012.
Euro 2012.
National Stadium .. Michael Jackson (?)
Do you remember this „rumor”?
,, On laying the foundation stone for the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw, the National Sports Center received a request to name the stadium to Michael Jackson. „

It turned out that the request was made by Stephen Sadurski.

Then he discussed the patronage of Pope John Paul II and MJ’a.
In any event, despite my hopes faded today zaświeciło me light.
What do you think?

Published in: on Luty 7, 2010 at 4:58 pm  Dodaj komentarz  

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