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Before the „death”:
Everything was set.
Michael from „death” appeared regularly in the clinic.
His visits were too short. Everything has been going on for people to think of the sick.
I think the only immediate family knows that he is alive. Certainly few.
Everything has been fixed so that no one guessed anything.
Jacksons is a well-invented, everything was well planned.
Michael recently appeared in public speaking of concerts, which were given in July.
In a way he wanted to say goodbye to the fans.

Lionel Richie, a longtime friend of Jackson remembers that Michael had predicted before his death, that something extraordinary happens and literally all jaws will drop..

In one interview, Michael said: „Remember, it will become a thing when you weep … but do not believe it, they are lying. Do not cry. ” In addition to the often repeated: „Do not believe brukowcom, not spending money on these lies.” (And as we all know, the tabloids write that MJ died.)

Like any perfectionist their words and work needs to confirm a sweet revenge in the form of an alleged death will be in the same time, the media are afraid to write about it, because they are afraid of being ridiculed. Roles were reversed …? ;]

June 25, 2009:

Day of his death Michael Jackson
On the morning following the closure of LAX. A mysterious man mysterious plane flies. Airport employees receive a warrant to ignore the airplane:

Telephone on 911

This is a fake because of the speaker in the phone’s 911 is fine. The phone Michael is blurred. The caller calling for an ambulance can not disconnect until the ambulance arrival – it is hung. This is a security guard telephoned for an ambulance, which suddenly disappeared and his wife do not know when you come back (speculation that the security guard went with Michael). There are 4 different recordings of the phone at 911 Strange?

Mysterious plane:

June 25, one of the wings called UCLA’s Peter Morton building at 1.30 someone unknown to incorporate fire alarm.
One of the witnesses of the event said that it was about 30 minutes after the arrival of Michael Jackson when he flew helicopters in the hospital and there was great excitement.

The official explanation for the alarm was that he had to do it one of the paparazzi hoping for a few photos during the confusion.
However, another surprising fact is that the airport in LA a few hours after Jackson’s death was closed, and other buildings, and all flights canceled.

Informed about this only one man, an airport security worker. He argues that it was related to some important personage, who was flying that day, in total secrecy.

This person obviously did not see anyone, only to around a large protection.
Forbidden to even monitor the premises involved in this departure.
The man immediately connected this event with Jackson’s death and decided to tell about it.

Let’s see. Michael Jackson had a great capital. Can pay for any help in escaping from the USA.

Strangely, only one of the said newspapers were silent on this issue – although it probably should not, if only because of the fact that whoever this person was, it was very important considering security measures, so there should be a crowd of paparazzi . However, there was nobody.

Here gives a link proving that flights have been canceled:…-25

Here the worker’s statement Airport:…tml

In the hospital:

The death of   informed the nurse Frank DiLeo (which is impossible, because the nurses have no such powers), there is no doctor in this whole story (apart from Murray).

Why not rode the ambulance with the siren, and why is only 1 picture in which MJ does not look like MJ?!

(looks about 35 years). This image could be old (MJ had already resuscitation in an ambulance) might also be a wax doll. Besides, in this picture, it’s not Michael Jackson in 2009. However, we must believe that he is, it is because it is a picture. The guy who did this picture was a friend of Mike, may photo did before, with a red car reflecting in the window that looked like the most real.

In L.A. always with a police ambulance arrives, and to Michael did not come.

On the Internet I found some information concerning the death of Michael, and more specifically of bringing him to the hospital:

Michael Jackson Alive. Net has received an exclusive statement from a cleaning staff at the UCLA Medical Center just moments after he was rushed in the doors.
„I was walking out of the laundry room in the halls under the hospital when a group of people pushed by me, in the middle was MICHAEL JACKSON, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I got back to the ward I heard that MJ had died! I can assure you MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT DEAD, I saw him with my own eyes!” – Carmencita Bernarda Fernández Galván.

It also emerged that it was not the doctors from the hospital said that Michael Jackson is dead. Such a statement released … Jermaine, not doctors.
Doctors from the hospital at UCLA said that since his family has said that he was dead, they believed that it is.?!

Flying to the morgue:

Helicopter, why? Because it is not surprising that the helicopter flew from the open door? Coroner’s van with open doors should look much more strange? They wanted us saw the body.
I do not think that the body moved by itself, I think that has been raised on a small panel, on which it was brought to the helicopter. It seems that the guy carries him in one hand, on one hand. MJ is not very heavy, but I think it is quite difficult to do, especially when it’s dead body, which weighs 60 kilos. When they move it from a helicopter to Van again float him by the neck in one hand, and lay on the floor. Is not that professional enough? No, because they are not professionals!
They are actors and have no clue how to handle the corpse! One of the guys do not even have protective gloves. It’s a bit strange. If you are a professional, you know that there is a risk of leakage of fluid from the body.
Also, if you look at the inside of one of these helicopters, the body should not be placed at the door, but more from the front (the helicopter). There are no stretchers are some chairs. Strange to put flesh on these chairs …


Ed Winter is the only person from the office of coroner, who made the statement.
I think that they were informed about the project, as well as the LAPD. If you delay and maintain version of „I can not comment on that,” it also will not lie.
A few words about one of the greatest films ever made. We are investigating the death of Mr. Jackson, may also mean: „We are investigating whether Mr. Jackson actually died.” How long delays, as long emphasis will be placed on this issue and the story can be continued.
Ed is to have all the medical records of MJ’u, then lose it!
I am very curious to see what will be the next thing that will disappear.
I do not understand one. They do 2 sections just after his death, which lasts a whole month, which allows them to determine time of death. Do not grab it. Why not talk about the body temperature of the liver, where the person actually died? If you declare him dead on time is 2.26 really had died before 9.30, it’s body temperature should be lower right? Why, then, Reanimate him for another hour? TMZ gave some details of an autopsy (the first as I think I have ever heard before, and anything on the other)

Autopsies were 3, and Michael was any healthier. So why he died?!


Not sealed the house immediately, they waited for the 4 days (in the sense of not secured him the police). In the meantime, everyone can get to the property and leave it as well. Even when the investigation becomes a murder investigation, will not matter against the doctor, because the evidence is unreliable, can be stretched. Also did not make (the police) official statement on this issue:

Look at the first sentence: „All the reports that we read learning about the death of Michael Jackson, so far are not true.” If you are looking at LAPD information about Michael Jackson, will get only articles:

So far, no new posts LAPD employees told us only that three researchers working on this issue … Interesting, hmm


Associated Press just reported that Michael Jackson has completed work on a film 2 weeks before his death. Culver studios, here the exact location, was the place where the 4 different approach had to be recorded (captured).
One set is as said, a cemetery guide Thriller video.
Jackson was reportedly on the set from 1 to 9 June and the project was to be terminated on 15 July.
This video was called House Project.

The ceremony at Staples Center.

How to keep the family? Prince chews gum, Blanket asks when his father returns from vacation, only Paris was crying during the speech. Then they all play in the tag …

Detail about the place where he could be filming a funeral.
Recording of the funeral:

This is a video from a helicopter, but I think this is a real model Forrest Lawn, I do not know what’s going on, but something delivered to Neverland, but can also walk about whether we remember how the area Neverlandu.
Perfect model needs to be done. Neverland is a private area, no one saw what was built there. It is possible that there developed a model of scenery and pasted moving objects like people or cars. Also there is this great lamp hanging in the air without cables or supports, it is there simply is … At the beginning I thought I saw the standard, but there was a huge camera on the ground. If there existed a background in the trailer must be screen, here we have something big.

The Diary of Michael Jackson:

He wrote: „I need a break from the bustle. I had a heart attack and then come back on holidays, or better in the New Year and will be true, Thriller, you see.”

Phone Michael Jackson to Dieter Wiesner

in which Mike says he fears for his life and the lives of children. Someone to follow.

The scream of a person from the audience at the conference hall of the O2 in March 5, 2009. The person shouting „We’re going to your funeral.”

Conference in March, and the phrase „Final Curtain”.
So called conspiracy in 1998, directed against the press. Some people came up with death, the media came to the cemetery-have been humiliated.

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