Jackson’s doctor did not admit to the killing!

For many months it was known that Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, is interested in the police and the prosecutor. The results of numerous toxicological studies have shown that it is the injection of a lethal dose of propofol caused the singer the body ceased to function. It seems that the case is slowly coming to an end. Physician to be facing charges today.

Murray’s lawyer, Michael Flanagan, has previously said that he would persuade his client to confess to manslaughter. The defender admitted today that his client is adamant and plans to fight in court. To not admit anything.

My client will appear in court on Friday. We are prepared to accept the plea of manslaughter. Our response to this accusation will be sounded: the innocent – announces a lawyer.

Flanagan explained that the first Murray to appear at police headquarters, where you will be transported to court.

That is a chance to carry out a fourth autopsy is growing …

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