Elvis Presley

It’s not a little bit about Michael but interesting because this situation fits the situation of Michael. ;o

Elvis lives!

Do not believe ?

Well, listen.

Elvis’ name is an anagram of the word „lives” on the grave of Elvis’s father told engrave the name of Aaron, though his son was named Aaron. Why? It’s easy! Yet there he did not bury her son. So what happens to Elvis? Is still well protected by the U.S. Government, the Crown witness.

The fact that Elvis Presley died, you can believe it or not. True fans, of course, do not believe. The official version is this: Elvis Aaron (or Aron) Presley He died on 16 August 1977 at his house „Graceland” in Memphis. Given as the cause of death from heart trouble and drug overdose.

It’s almost the same as with Michael. Michael also reportedly lost consciousness and stopped breathing in his house, and the cause of this was the cure – drug overdose. Are these two stories are not similar?

1. Elvis had a famous meeting with President Nixon. It is well known fact. But few people know that during this meeting Elvis got a badge from the President of the DEA – the agency for combating drug trafficking.
This is probably because they helped the king in a large investigation.
If you got the badge, it is almost certain that he entered the witness protection program and is still protected under the revised identity somewhere.
One year after his death took place in the process of a gang of drug smugglers. Testified at the Crown witness, whose identity never revealed.
But his testimony are known. And according to some talked about matters of which only the king could know.

2. The previously mentioned error on Elvis’s grave. King’s father – Vernon did not want to write your real name, since it does not bury her son. But really, both spelling scroll through the whole life of the King. On some documents listed as Aaron, the other as Aron.

3. In 1977, the National Enquirer paid a distant relative of Elvis to smuggle the presentation of the camera body and made a picture. When the image appeared in the newspaper, fans around the world suffered a shock. Dead man in no way resembled Elvis. It was not his eyebrows, chin, fingers.


4. The coffin with the remains weighed over 400 kg. Elvis was overweight at the time of his death, but not so! The importance of the coffin can be explained like this: in the middle was a wax figure, reminiscent of Elvis, and additionally inserted into the air-conditioner, so the wax does not dissolve.

5. Circumstances of the death of the testimony of witnesses is vastly different. Are contrary to the testimony, as to where he found the king, when he found that Elvis was still alive, whether he was already dead when the sentence of his death and whether he tried to resuscitate. Even several years after King’s death also jeopardize the cause of death recorded on the card of death. Rejected the claim that the drugs caused the death of the King, it was pointed out that he had never been diagnosed with heart defects or disease. It has been suggested heart attack, but doubts remain.

6. When Elvis died, he had read a book about the shroud of Turin. But this book was published only a year after his death!

7. Behavior before his death, Elvis’ shows that preparing his departure. For instance, it ordered a costume before his next tour. Slowed down just before the death of several people. You might not want to be around him who know him well the people who figured out that his death is fabricated. And five months before his death, removed from the will of members of his family. Had he wanted to leave the money for themselves? Yes, for what would have to live with a new identity?

8. Several hours after his death, witnesses saw a man who was a copy Elvis, which is presenting as John Burrows, bought plane tickets to Argentina. Presley often used this pseudonym when traveling. Under such a name was made at the headquarters of the FBI’s denunciation, dirty and illegal acts of various famous personalities.

And there are others. Two weeks before his death, Elvis said that he leaves and until his death no one had seen before. Why did he said and what he did at that time? Hospital staff, which arrived late King still maintain that it was not his body.
So where Elvis is hiding? Most of his fans said that 74-year-old legend lives somewhere in the U.S., a number that, in the Bahamas. Every now and then to U.S. media reports to someone who claims to have seen the King. It may be his doubles, which are thousands in the USA. But a true fan will recognize the King.
If Presley actually helped the U.S. government rozpracować drug mafia and the DEA got a badge, then it could work as an agent. But at age 74 probably is already retired and are taking a retirement of property somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Michigan. Where most people have seen it.
And even if we do not find the King are still chances that the achievements of modern science will allow it to clone. Many Elvis fans are still dreaming of that see their idol on stage in such a form in which we remember him years ago.

This story repeats itself.Michael is the second Elvis. This is all the same!

„I will like Elvis ….”

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  2. My music teacher told me when he went to Memphis he asked why on his grave stone it said Aaron not Aron and they said ” We have a saying here in Tennessee if I ain’t dead don’t put my name on a grave stone „

  3. I too strongly believe in it.Michael itself had planned this ‚DRAMA’.I believe MICHAEL JACKSON IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  4. i think that he is alive too

  5. elvis is the best singer that ever lived. If it wasn’t for elvis there ,would not be any michael jackson elvis inspired, many singers for example michael jackson.Elvis lived the way ,wanted to so i declare Elvis is the ,king of music then michael jackson.

    your sincerly

    martin mongan

  6. That’s an interesting theory you have.

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