Hoax plan.

Hoax plan.

May – June – a key event, which tests the organization This Is It a huge role played by three men: Kenny Ortega, Randy Philips and Conrad Murray.
Just after 25.06 we did not have too many messages, created the first time, the only thing that was striking is the speed the creation of these pages – MJHD could be found on Google has more on 24/06/2009 at twisterze discussion about the ‚death’ Michael also started just 24.06. !?

July here began the action seen Michael or the beginnings of „investigation” that did not fit, as fit, information chaos to the maximum level, each said something different.

August – the month anagram for Jermaine – it could mean cancellation tribute, his constant presence in the media, hundreds of mistakes.
Anagrams ended with the words „dark wolves approaching quickly to the place where you are”
or other interesting info:
„Time to move him to another location (….)”
„In children, all right, but miss and can not wait to see you. (…)”
„Notify when the plan enters the fifth phase (V)” – maybe it is not about V For Vendetta?.
This should not take a long time to restore (it / you) to commence from death (?)
Media has taken the bait or the media take the bait (?) And the fans are ready. (…)
the next contact will be on the blog URL number 182 code messages 11235813.)

And now began strangely.

September – appears and Cassandra * mj * Larry King on the blog, which he very carefully moderate.

August – October – the highest marks, the evidence of informers.

November – (Highlights) to stabilize. By November a lot of things became clear, notice that the life of Jackson disappeared Thome (which only calls for the money – God knows what), Murray returns to work, appears in a letter necie Michael, who claims not to understand what is happening so he taking care of our mental health, and no DISAPPEARING 22.11 disappeared from Cassnadra disappeared, vanished * mj * from blog Larry King, disappeared informants, a list of the Murray returned to work.

January – everything fit at 18.01 if it had made a breakthrough. Now again we have a light solution of earlier doubts, more and newer information concerning the health of Michael and his problems. In addition to extending the Murray case.

However, I believe that it is the events of recent days are crucial, because it suggests to us that we are close. Near in the sense that Michael may return soon. What may indicate increased activity of the brothers.

Everything is as it should be.
EVERYONE says something else. Even the smallest things are different.
In my opinion, all this confirms that this is a hoax designed to protect the life of Michael.

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