PHOTOS Jackson’s killer

Jackson’s killer was brought to trial (PHOTOS)

Justice must be satisfied! Banners with such slogans were in the hands of Michael Jackson fans who besieged the courthouse in Los Angeles. Yesterday late in the evening held its first hearing cardiac surgeon Dr. Conrad Murray (51 l.), which heard allegations of inadvertent killings. Personal physician of the king of pop pleaded not guilty.

Although the death of a star of all time has passed more than half a year, his enthusiastic admirers still can not accept the loss of an idol. Tears of despair, interrupted only by shouts of „murderer!” Such words are pressed into the mouth of Jackson’s fans, when Dr. Murray surrounded by police officers entered the court.

Confident, in a perfectly tailored, elegant suit, the doctor did not reveal any signs of nervousness. It was as if dropped into oblivion the tragic events of 25 June 2009, when Michael deadly injected a strong analgesic dose propofol mixed with two sedatives.

Heart surgeon from Houston, Texas before Judge Keith L. Schwartz stated that he is innocent of the alleged acts. The hearing was short. For the opportunity to respond to the judge a free rate appointed 75 thousand bail. dollars (prosecutors asked for 300 thousand. dollars). Pay a deposit until Murray will remain in custody. Brought him from the courtroom escorted by sheriff’s deputies, but did not assume his handcuffs.

This decision shocked the family of the king of pop. Michael’s father, Joe (80 l.) told reporters that they seek justice, and his sister La Toya (53 l.) clearly said that Murray should be responsible for premeditated murder. In the limelight shine a singer brother Jermaine (55 l.), Jackie (58 l.), Tito (56 l.), Randy (48 l.).

If the court finds cardiac surgeon guilty of the death of Jackson, he may spend behind bars more than 4 years. The doctor always says that it gave the king of pop so strong painkillers, because the same had asked him about it.

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