Dr. T-Home The threat to Michael!

1. Several months before the ‚death’ of Michael’s assets were cataloged

– Thome „cleared” Neverland „and planned to sell the property at auction, (Michael about this, of course, HAD do not know)

– Michael could stop it at the last minute …

– Michael now things are on display, organized by AEG.

– Michael Thome slowed, but has occurred in the hospital before Jermaine statement.

– Karen is concerned that the Neverland was cleared shortly before the death of Michael.

– Samantha (FF) wrote that remembers Thome arrived Michael at night and told him to sign some papers, Brian Oxman is her testimony in this case: when Michael came back from the doctor at night, outside told him to sign documents.

Michael didn’t stop anything guys. It was TT who apparently threatened Julien’s that if items hadn’t been withdrawn, some blood would have spread all over !!! Then, probably his personal belongings were used as a means of convincing Michael to sign the deal of these damned concerts, because it’s really really strange that RP had asked Michael to sing live at least 100 times in 7 years and Michael always said no, BUT as soon as he signed, his belonging were withdrawn from the auction but remained in the hands of Capital Colony, linked with AEG, thru Thome. If some news is true, Thome is linked with Phillips by a family link ( he married with RP’s daugther)… Do you still think Murray acted alone?

FF response:

When we asked Michael if he had himself gone to see the exhibition a mile away he said „No, no, they took care of it! It’s not happening! It was a mistake!”, and we said „no Michael, we were just there, it’s on!”, and he put his hands over his ears and said „I don’t want to hear those things! It makes me angry!”.

Last time I saw Michael, at 1.30am on June 25th, he looked fine, I saw him dance that night…I believe something had changed thoe last two days…and I don’t want to go into right now.


Immediate threat to life on the legal permits to simulacrum his death!

Jerm acquainted with Michael Thome, then introduced him to Grace (nanny).
Probably did not know what a man is Thome himself to trust him and entrusted him with his brother.

It turned out that, however, that Thome is who he is, and together with Michael decided to get out of this situation pozorując death. Certainly agreed that the family meeting in May. I do not know how large this contribution is Joe (dad), because knowing his ingenuity and observing his behavior after 25.06 am inclined to believe that it is quite large.


Michael was forced to sell their stuff (Remember the beginning of 2009, wrote that Michael sells his possessions, etc.), so he have any financial problems, but it was not long, I think that rather Thome wanted something from him to force, so Michael needed something what would be the source of mega-money …. tour, which was forced, and helped him in that Randy Phillips.

– Why do I think that helped:

a) Michael, we have the last word with a sample, „thanks, that helped me to this point, now I can manage itself – whether it should be understood: with that the whole affair played in concerts and that someone would blame has just the AEG, that mortally tired Michael – this monetu (ie 25.06) will give you advice.

b) AEG returned the state money for the memorial (not to defraud banks of the state = no legal consequences on the possible return of Michael).


As already mentioned, the case is not only AEG Thome Thome and Jermaine. Family issues have already leaving.

We have for example, Liz Taylor and Kenny Ortega and Frank DiLeo.
Think that people who defend the life of Michael would agree to his death?

a) 25.06 Liz said that MJ is doing well (oversight?) and then was silent, but maintained frequent contact with Kenny Ortega (director of TII and concerts at the O2), or you think that Liz still befriended by a man who killed her lover friend?

b) Kenny is a key figure here before 25.06 on his Twitter appeared mega lot of entries, which could be considered przedwstep HOAX.

c) the struggle to create a picture of MJ as a drug addict and a weak human rights (including also helped his family and friends)

Michael was the big threat and have to do it!

Here, the bottom image is the Thome.

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  1. Michael is protected by God, I hope no one goes unpunished!

  2. Michael is now protected. Therefore, it was an escape, but not only. Michael tried to defend but also to create a great show.


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